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Services & Equipment

Versed Pools offers a wide range of pool services. No matter if you need your pool cleaned, your pool equipment replaced or repaired or if you are just in need of advice, our experienced and professional technicians are here to help you with all your pool and spa needs. 

As an independent, family owned business, we are not tied to any contracts and have the freedom to offer you the equipment we are convinced with. Our technicians worked with numerous names over the years and it is our privilege to offer our customers the brands that are top of the line, that we have the best experiences with and trust, that are reliable, easy to use and the best value for money. 

Our pool equipment range includes but is not limited to: Pool Pumps, Pool Filters, Chlorinators and Freshwater Systems, Pool Covers and Rollers, Pool Heating Solutions including electric Heat Pumps and Solar Systems, Pool Cleaners incl. Robotic Pool Cleaners and Suction Cleaners. 

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Find out more about the services we offer. 


Discover the crystal clear benefits of a Freshwater Pool.


Maytronics Robotic Cleaners

Enjoy an easy and relaxing pool cleaning experience.


Extend your swimming season with our eco-friendly pool heating solutions.


Keep your pool clean and protected with a new pool cover.

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