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Test & Balance

You love to clean your pool yourself but you want to make sure that it is balanced and safe to swim on a regular basis? 

No worries at all!

We can test your water onsite  and add the chemicals needed to guarantee a healthy swimming environment for you and your family. 


We also:

- check your equipment

- adjust the settings and calibrate the equipment as needed

Casual Pool Service

If you want to get your pool ready for the summer, shut down for winter or anything in-between

 we are happy to help you get it back into shape.


 Book us for a casual service and we can get your pool or spa back the way it was meant to be.

Regular Pool Service

Keeping your pool or spa

clean and balanced can

be a time consuming job.

Let us help you with that!

Book us for a regular service where we:

- scoop, brush

and vacuum your pool

- test the water

- balance it with our

premium chemicals

- check your equipment

- adjust the settings and calibrate the equipment

as needed


fortnightly to monthly

Pool Equipment Installation & Repair

You've suddenly sprung a leak, your pump is not circulating the water properly or your filter just doesn't clean as good as it used to? 

We will come over and have a look for you.

No matter if you have issues with your existing equipment or are looking to upgrade, we can help you get everything up and running again. Our certified and highly experienced pool technician can come identify the problem and take the necessary steps to get everything back to the way it was before. We offer a professional maintenance and repair service and if something needs to be replaced, we make sure you get your new equipment as soon as possible. 

If you have a problem, just give us a call and we are happy to book you in to come and have a look. 

We are only working with the best and most reliable brands in Australia, which we are experienced with for many years.

Green Pool Treatment

Your pool was perfectly clean and sparkling last night but today it is cloudy and green? A green pool is a very common incident especially during hot summer days. But don't worry; we can fix this for you!

Your pool turns green because of algae growing in the water which can happen overnight if the water gets unbalanced during extreme weather conditions or after a heavy use. It usually means the chlorine is very low and can't sanitize the water anymore or the phosphate is so high, that it stops the other chemicals from working, which can be caused by organic material such as dirt or leaves. 

But even if it looks very bad to you, we can usually fix a green pool within 2-3 visits. We will have a look at your water, test it and treat it with the right combination of our top quality range of chemicals.

Pre-Purchase Check & Handover

You're interested in buying a new house with a pool? Most people are not aware of the costs they would face if they have to replace the pool equipment. Therefore we offer you a pre-purchase check. We will have a look at the pool or spa, check the existing equipment and give you a feedback about the condition and if something needs to be replaced.   

Or have you just moved into your first home

that has a pool or a spa?

We can come over and show you how to use and maintain your equipment, introduce you to the chemicals you will need and how your cleaning routine should look like to keep your pool or spa clean and healthy. 

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