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Experience superior pool cleaning with this advanced new robot. Featuring active brushing, CleverClean scanning and PowerStream mobility system for an effective pool clean on all surfaces – leaving the floor, walls and waterline spotlessly clean.

Maytronics DolphinX30

SKU: 364115376135191
GST Included |
    • Ideal pool length: Up to 12m

    • Cleaning coverage: Floor, walls and waterline

    • Cleaning cycle time: 2 hours

    • Power supply features: On/Off power supply

    • Navigation and manoeuvrability: CleverClean™ scanning and PowerStream mobility

    • Brushes: All terrain PVC with active scrubbing

    • Filtration: Dual level filter with interchangeable fine and ultra-fine filters

    • Caddy: Optional

    • Cable: 18m

    • Robot weight: 7.5kg

    • Warranty: 2 years (limited)

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