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Free Pool Water Testing

The water of your pool or spa always needs to be balanced. Unbalanced water can make you sick or damage your pool/ spa and the equipment. If you bring us a water sample we test your water for you and give you some advice of the chemicals you need to add. 


Shop our superior pool and spa chemicals

Lo-Chlor Chemicals is globally recognised as the market leader in specialised pool and spa water treatment. Lo-Chlor is 100% Australian owned and Australian made and now exports to more than 25 countries around the globe. Innovation and design remain at the forefront of the company’s strategy to bring the pool and spa industry the highest quality and performance in specialty pool and spa chemicals.

Image by Anthony Duran

Choose the right pool equipment

Specifically designed for Australian conditions, the H₂flo range of pool equipment uses smart technology which is efficient, reliable and easy to operate.

Speak to our technician in the shop or on site and we will provide you with a personalised solution and the best pool equipment for your pool to keep it clean for the whole family. 


Cleaning accessories & spare parts

Our shop provides you with all kind of cleaning accessories you need to keep your pool or spa nice and clean on a daily basis. 

We have a great variety of spare parts for your cleaning equipment. 

Tipp: Bring the broken part in! That makes it easier to identify and replace it.

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